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​​Wink Hair Studio

February 2023

We want to assure you that we continue taking the health and safety of our clients, ourselves, and our families seriously.  We have loosened our capacity and mask rules, but maintain high levels of sanitation and and precautions for your comfort during your visit. If you are sick with active symptoms, please talk to your stylist about rescheduling your appointment.

*Masks are optional, but you may be requested in certain circumstances to wear one.

If that is the case, we'll have one for you if you do not. 


September 2022
We want to assure you that we are taking the health and safety of our clients, ourselves, and our families seriously.  We have loosened our capacity and mask rules, but maintain high levels of sanitation and and precautions for your comfort during your visit. 

*Rebecca requires masks for her clients
*Leslie is mask optional for her clients

MARCH 9 2022

After March 12th, those pesky masks are STILL REQUIRED to be worn during appointments with Rebecca for the time being.  However, you are now welcome to bring a coffee or water bottle to sip while you have a color processing - so yay, progress!!

(Leslie's chair will be mask optional if Rebecca is not there. )

 January 11.2022

Yep, masks are still required,

and now we ask that you please be vaccinated if you wish to book an appointment. 

September 28, 2021

Once again masks are REQUIRED for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

We have masks available if you forget to bring one. 

We ask now that you be fully vaccinated if you would like to book our hair services. 

 JULY 6TH, 2021

Welcome to Wink! this is our new summer mask wearing policy:

Please bring a mask with you. We do not require masks to be worn by FULLY VACCINATED clients or stylists as long as they are not coughing or sneezing,  BUT you must be willing to wear one if asked, vaccinated or not.  We will put a sign at the door stating if they are required or optional, just to make it easy for everyone.

EVERYONE in the salon will wear a mask if there is a client that asks us to wear one, no questions asked. PLEASE ASK US TO MASK UP IF:
-If you have household member that cannot be vaccinated
-If you need a negative COVID test to go on vacation
-Any other reason that you want.  (I'm not eating inside restaurants yet, so it's fine if you aren't ready to be mask free for a hair appointment, I promise!)

If you are not fully vaccinated, we'd prefer that you were before using our services. 
This policy is subject to change at a moment's notice and I may forget to update this page, sorry in advance if that makes you have bad feelings.




Feb 26, 2021

Oh hello! Gosh, I've been so busy getting back to work and tip-toeing through the second half of 2020, I completely forgot that I was doing these semi-regular updates. Well guess what? We're doing great!  Wink is currently, and endlessly in limited capacity, which means 4 persons max. in the salon at a time is still a thing.  I'm not complaining, just sighing at the monotony.  I’m sure we wouldn’t expand the capacity given the choice right now anyway.  I am hoping that the COVID-19 rates continue to decrease so that we may expand our hours when we are ready among other reasons.


We have had such nice feedback from everyone who has come in since we reopened last June. We all figured it out together now the salon feels like a well oiled machine.

All of you clients are champs!  You keep those masks on through foggy glasses, dry throats, irritated ears, and color stained straps. You’re sanitizing your hands, following directions and floor markings, and  sanitizing your hands again. You're staying home if you aren't feeling well (or a family member isn't) and being so transparent about any tickle in your throat or runny nose. You're keeping us healthy I adore you all for it!  I am happy to report that there has NOT been a single case of COVID-19 reported at the salon from a client or stylist - Knock wood.

 So now as we all wait in a queue moving like cold molasses through a narrow funnel to get our vaccines, we get to wonder what the days ahead might look like.

What fun it is to even be able to plan for a post vaccinated life,

to say, “We will (fill in the blank) sometime soon”.

In Spring.

This summer.

 Or early Fall.

 By Christmas. 

Or 2022.  

As these vaccinations continue, masks will still be required to be worn by everyone at Wink, regardless of your vaccine status.  We will continue with our COVID safety protocols, and look for new ways to make your visits special. Thank you for your endless support of our small business. If you haven't ventured out to have your hair done yet, we haven't forgotten you, and we will still be here when you are ready. 

When you need new hair products, you can still shop our
online store and save yourself a trip to the salon between visits. You will find all of the awesome brands that we carry at Wink, plus the entire line of those brands, not just the few items we carry in store. In addition there are also other  hair product lines (I just added a new brand called Amika), skin care, make-up and styling tools available.

❤️ Rebecca

P.S.  I am, as many of you are (thank you!), wearing two masks at the salon these days.  I have a neat stick-on mask that I wear under my cloth mask that seals all the gaps, and a few of you have wondered about the brand.  It is called
Masksealz. They are not attractive on their own, but comfy under a cloth mask as a second layer. Now they come in black I see and have new styles too!  So now you know. 

Feb 26, 2021

Oh HI! Gosh, I've been busy getting back to work and tip-toeing through the second half of 2020, I completely forgot that I was doing these semi-regular updates!  Well guess what?  We're doing great! Currently, and endlessly in limited capacity stages, which keeps us limited to 4 persons in the salon at a time, but I'm not sure we would expand the capacity giving the choice anyway . We are making it work, but hoping that the COVID positivity numbers continue to decrease so that we may expand our hours when we are ready.


We have had such nice feed back from everyone who has come in since we reopened last June. We all figured it out together now it feels like a well oiled machine.

All of you clients are champs!  You keep those masks on through foggy glasses, dry throats, wet straps and irritated ears, you sanitize, following directions and floor markings and you're staying home if you aren't feeling well (or a family member isn't). You're keeping us healthy I adore you all for it!  I am happy to report that there has NOT been any case of COVID-19 reported at the salon from a client or stylist - Knock wood 

 So now we all wait somewhere in an invisible queue that is moving like cold molasses to get our vaccines. As these vaccines continue, masks will be required to be worn by everyone at Wink, regardless of your vaccine status.  We will continue with our COVID safety protocols, and look for new ways to make your visits special. Thank you for your endless support of our small business. If you haven't ventured out to have your hair done yet, we haven't forgotten you, and we will be here when you are ready. 

You can stillshop our online store and save yourself a trip to the salon between visits when you need new hair products. You will find each of the awesome brands that we carry at Wink, the entire line up of those brands not just the few items we carry in store. 

In addition there are new hair product lines, skin care, make-up and styling tools available.

June 6th

Have you heard!? Wink hair studio is open for business!

I am so excited to see everyone and get you back to looking like yourselves. I’m going to be using the “Learn by Doing” philosophy they use to teach at my daughter’s school to get through the first few weeks back at work. As the other stylists and I find our groove with the new requirements for our services, we are optimistic that we’ve taken all the safety precautions that we can. Please reach out via email  if you have questions, also Winkhairstudio.com is a good resource.  

Some housekeeping notes:

Book Online -I have reached out to those of you who were already pre-booked, giving you a chance to reschedule your appointments. Today I activated my online booking button on Winkhairstudio.com for everyone to have access. You will need to book appointments using the online booking feature rather than emailing me to book an appointment for you. Online you’ll  need to agree to abide by the policies of your appointment, and I need to  make sure that I have updated contact information for everyone. I was missing so many people’s contact info when we closed suddenly! 

Just a reminder-  My preferred way of contact is email. I like that I can go back to reference a conversation and keep your messages in front of me until I have time to take action. 

Some of you have my cell number, and while I love your text messages that say  “I love my haircut!” or “Head’s up, I’m running late”, please use email for any correspondence that needs a reply or needs me to take action. Thanks for that!   Our phone is so saturated with spam calls that we rarely answer it anymore, leaving a voice mail message is sort of  fine (press 1 for my mailbox), however I check my messages only on the days when I am at the salon and full disclosure, sometimes I forget to until the end of the day. 🙄

Temporary Change - I am going to limit my calendar openings for appointments up to four weeks in advance for the time being. That’s as far ahead as I can plan right now personally. If you need an appointment at a later date, check back 4 weeks prior. 

Future planning note: In the chance that I, or a member of my household will be diagnosed with COVID-19 over the summer, I’ll be required to quarantine for 14 days at home. It was a bit crazy to reschedule so many appointments, so my plan for future  closures or quarantining is this:

I will move all pre booked appointments forward as they are booked, as a group. If the new day and time doesn't work, you can reschedule. 


May 30, 2020

Hello friends, I can hardly believe it,  we are in the starting blocks! 

It seems that Dow Constantine is going to attempt to get us open in the very near future. However, because we have not been told of an official date, I am not really rescheduling any appointments quite yet. As soon as there is a date, you’ll start hearing from me.  I hope that we are talking by early next week 🤞with the possibility of opening very soon after. I really do not want to try to predict what will happen. Also, reminder my work days are Sunday, Monday and Thursday. 

It appears that we will be in Phase “1.5“, where the fine print states that we will have to limit our service time to 30 minutes per client*. That is going to hugely impact what services we will be able to provide to our clients. That time limit will last until King County hits phase 2...or the rules change (again). 

(5/31/2020 EDIT *30 min service limit TBD)

The Wink stylists are having a meeting tomorrow morning at the salon to implement our state mandated plan for sanitation, and to do a run through on our own heads to see what it will be like for you all to have your hair done. Wave to us if you walk past the salon. I put all the retail back on the shelves and in the windows today, and did some final touches on the bathroom. It may be clunky when we open, but i think we will have everything we need. 

I wrote up a message about what to expect when you come to Wink, so at least you can start preparing in advance. I’ll be in touch as soon as I know what day we can open, and what services I will be able to offer. 


What to expect when you visit Wink Hair Studio

We want to assure you that we are taking the health and safety of our clients, ourselves, and our families very seriously as we plan for reopening the salon. We have implemented new, and strengthened our existing safety and sanitation procedures in regards to COVID-19. Below is an overview of what you can expect when you return to Wink for your appointment. Your stylist will contact you about rebooking.


-Only 2 stylists maximum will be working at Wink at any time, each with only one guest. 

-All clients and stylists will be required to wear a mask while in the salon. Clients will need to wear a behind the ear style mask to avoid having to work around or remove straps. If you're coming for color service, color will get on your mask, plan accordingly.  You should plan to provide your own mask, we can not guarantee that we will have masks available. You will be turned away if you do not have a mask and cancellation policies may apply.  If you cannot wear a mask due to health reasons, you should make arrangements with your stylist before booking an appointment. 

-Please arrive on-time for your appointment, we have temporarily removed our waiting area to limit the number of people inside at one time, so if you arrive early you will need to wait outside...6 feet apart from others please. We allow 4 persons total in the salon at any given time.


-Please come to your appointment alone (no extra guests or children) for the time being. -again we are limiting occupancy to 4 persons total in the salon at a time. 

-If you are coming for color, please note that we no longer offer gowns or space for changing clothes. Please dress accordingly for a color service, in loose neckline tops that are easily tucked out of the way of hair color. 

-If you or a household member has been diagnosed with and are currently living with COVID-19, we ask that you contact your stylist and request to please reschedule.  

-If for any reason you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or generally do not feel well, please reschedule.

-We are following strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures all day long and between each and every client. 



-Please wait outside until you are  invited in by your stylist. Your stylist will have a plan for contacting you when she is ready for you to come inside, probably via text, wave or smile.  

-You may be asked by your stylist to have your temperature taken using a no-touch digital thermometer. You will be asked to answer health questions related to classic COVID-19 symptoms before your service is started. 

-You will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry.

-There will be floor markings to help remind you about social distancing and direct your routes within the salon. 

-We removed stations, dryers and extra chairs to allow for better flow of people. 

-We will continue to practice social distancing of at least 6 feet inside the salon (except between you and your stylist during your service). Please keep maximum distance available from other stylists and clients.

-You will find hooks for your jackets and bags at your stylist’s station rather than the front of the salon. Please limit your belongings to just the necessities for your service.



-All stylists and guests are required to wear a mask at all times while in the salon and throughout their entire appointment.

-Please refrain from eating or drinking during your appointment. 

-We are sorry that we will not be able to provide magazines for entertainment at the time being. We will have our (spotty) wi-fi available. 

-Cut and color drapes are (as always!) laundered after each client. 


-Hugging, handshaking and anything other than the required contact to provide your service will be avoided at this time. Smiles, air hugs and laughter are encouraged and welcomed!


-We are required to place a cloth over your face during shampoo services for your protection, and for ours. 


-We have 2 HEPA air filters that will be running throughout your visit, and the door or window will be open (when the weather allows)  for maximum fresh air exchange.

-We have mobile screens to block hairdryers from directly blowing towards the other styling chair.



    -Your stylist will collect payment and rebook your next visit from their styling chair. 

-If you would like to purchase retail, your stylist will help you select products and will collect them from the shelves for you

-You will feel amazing! 


Thank you for your continued support, we are so happy to have you back at Wink!

For everyone's health and peace of mind, we reserve the right to refuse entry or service to anyone who cannot abide by these processes.

May 14th 

Well hello everyone, happy Thursday!   I just wanted to check in and let you know what’s going on behind the scenes these days.  

As of yesterday, we can finally take action! We have guidance, we have more PPE available, and we have a new bathroom sink at Wink!  We are still preparing for an opening near the beginning of June, however the exact date is T.B.D. by Gov. Inslee. We have received the guidelines for what will be required of us in order to re-open, most items were foreseeable and we had already started in earnest getting to work on what we could. I see no reason for Wink to delay opening on time. The hardest part of the requirements for me is figuring out how to develop a “comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation and recovery plan” for Wink. That left side of my brain is going to get a workout this weekend. 

I will send an email to announce when I will open my online booking. It will be no sooner than when a firm date to reopen is set by Gov. Inslee. I am also still trying to figure out how long I can handle wearing a mask, and how comfortable I am going to be heading back into the world having close contact with people. I still give a mean stink-eye if anyone gets close to me at the grocery store. I feel better (safer) after having a ZOOM meeting this morning with my coworkers, we are all like-minded when it comes to safety precautions at the salon, so there's that. And two weeks from now, who knows what will be happening in the world. How many of you would want to come in right away anyway? Do I need to plan to work overtime or maybe not at all to begin with? How do you all feel about coming in for a hair appointment? If you're chomping at the bit let me know, if you want to wait and see how it goes let me know. That will help so much with my planning.

For your planning purposes I know my schedule, kind of.

My schedule will look different, we had to divvy up the days and hours, here's what I know:

I will be working Sunday, Monday and Thursdays for sure. 

Monday’s shift will always be afternoon/evening.

Sunday’s and Thursday’s hours will fluctuate either AM or PM. 

I will be off every Friday and Saturday for sure.

I hope that this change in schedule doesn’t block anyone out completely, it is not very flexible. Please get in touch if it does not work for you and maybe I can refer you to a different stylist at Wink who aligns better timing wise. We may swap schedules around again once kids are back at school this fall. 

Another known fact- My prices will look different too. I have been wanting to move away from accepting gratuities for a few years (like 10 years), but it was always awkward. So, since everything is awkward right now, I decided it was the perfect time! You can see all the updated prices and timing for services
here.  I understand that price increases are always kind of an adjustment, and honestly this one is larger than I normally do, 20% in most cases. If it doesn’t work for you, I am happy to pass along your color formulas and/or notes to another stylist that you find is a better fit. No hard feelings, and no more tips please! 

As far as services go, I will not be offering beard trims for the near future. At the shampoo bowl, I will be covering your face with a towel, and for now that shampoo experience is going to be no-nonsense and swift to avoid all prolonged face to face contact. When we are over this, I promise I will give everybody an extra long scalp massage to make up for it. 

Blow outs are somewhat controversial among salons right now; the thought is that blowing air around potentially moves the virus to surfaces that are not on our radar to clean since no one touched them, making it more difficult to disinfect thoroughly. We have decided not to eliminate them at this time, we like to check a cut or see color when the hair is dry, so for now we will simply be hyper aware of this circumstance. However, If you would prefer to leave without a blowout, or prefer to come in with freshly washed hair to avoid shampoo bowl closeness, I am happy to accommodate.

And lastly for today, I will be taking time off in the summer as usual, maybe late July instead of August. We’re moving a certain someone back to California. (Two months stuck at home does not count for “time-off”)  

[❤] ️Rebecca

I mentioned a new sink at Wink at the beginning of this message. Here’s a peek at what it looks like, can’t wait for you to try it out

Week 5

Well hello again friends, April is upon us!

It has been one month to the day that all non-essential shops were closed in Washington. Though May 4th is just around the corner, something tells me that hair salons are not going to be open for services right away.  I am hopeful that there will be a way to open our doors to hair styling soon after the  "stay at home” order is lifted. 

Speaking of opening doors, I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow I’m heading up to Wink and give it some TLC. I need to touch up some paint, clean away the dust and spider webs, and do my usual mail pick up. I should also be able to sell any hair products that you may need as “take out”, including hair color kits - you just have to stay outside. I plan to be there from about 10AM -12 PM  so if your walk takes you past the building, please stop and say hello, I’ll keep the door open 😄 .

For those that were keeping up with my bathroom escapades, you may have noticed that I quit posting pictures on Instagram stories.  Two weeks ago I had a good long week of headaches and insomnia that knocked me out. I heard that many people were suffering a similar angst that week, so at least I had camaraderie. I hope that like me, everyone is feeling better and ready to get on with it now.  We needed our bathroom in working order, so I had no choice but to get focused and back to work. Over the last two weeks I tiled and grouted the bathroom floor, hung the door back up, sealed the grout, installed the vanity, installed the toilet, plumbed the sink and drain lines, framed the door, painted and added floor and window trim, caulked the trim, hung the mirror, and filled my nail holes. Today I’ll touch up  the paint and then I’m finished, and OMG I think it looks great! I’m still deciding on what to do about a backsplash - it’s TBD. I’ll add pictures to @winkhairstudioseattle Instagram stories later today. 

I’ll move on to painting the kitchen next followed by what ever I have time for before we get our green light to do hair, but you won’t see it on Instagram*.  Wink’s Instagram will go back to being all about Wink after today, and I hope to have awesome regular content, so please follow along! Meanwhile, though I’m not currently working as a hairstylist, I am still a salon owner and my ongoing focus will be figuring out how to do that virtually while my fellow stylists and I wait to reopen for services. Thank you to everyone who has shopped at Wink's online store, you have been a lifeline to us all as we weather this storm! 

  ❤ ️Rebecca

*If this shutdown goes into summer, I may have to do another personal project Instagram story just to hi


Greetings friends, 

How are you? Are you getting into a routine and finding ways to stay healthy and happy, maybe getting organized? Yeah, me neither, but this week I’m going to start! I’ve been busy, remodeling a bathroom, taking my dog for walks, and spending time with my chickens and the rest of my family, but the days are a jumble of unorganized projects with no structure. All is well, but I’m kinda feeling like I need something more to do, maybe a job! 

So, once again this week brings no new updates to reopening the salon. Sadly, I am guessing there will be about three or four more of these updates, if I do them weekly, until you see me again. It would be wonderful if something happened to allow us to get back to Wink sooner, but at this point I am hoping that we are back in the salon in May.

I have three items to discuss this week:

Rebooking-  As of now I’m just going to consider every appointment on my books canceled. I will reach out when I’ve been given the green light to reopen the salon. I do not know what rebooking will look like, a lot will depend if we are limited to social distancing. But, be assured if we are allowed to be at the salon, we will be there all available hours until we get caught up, bring wine! We will get everybody in as soon as we possibly can.

We have a great online store, especially considering it was made in a day. I’ve been tweaking it, so let me know what you need if I don't have it available. Thank you so so so  much to everybody who’s been helping us this month by purchasing products, your support is so appreciated! I added some new product lines to the store just this morning, including men’s shaving and grooming, skin care, hairstyling tools and new brands that you have never seen at Wink before. 


Use your time in April to start learning some new hair style  ideas. YouTube has some fun tutorials for updos and ways to manage your hair while it’s “growing out”. You are allowed to trim bangs if you need to, and you will probably do just fine. Take small sections of DRY hair and just nip the ends. Any scissors work, I dont know who thought that curved nail scissors are best, sharp scissors work best. Hair grows about ½ inch a month.

Hair Color kits are available. If you’re ready to have your roots touched up, it is a really great easy way to get it done. I can send you the exact color I use at the salon, so you won’t be standing in the color box aisle at the grocery store wondering what to buy. Some of you might even be ready to have another round of hair color delivered. Please keep your brushes/ bottles from the original kit and you can order a root touchup pack for $30. I’ll deliver free it to your porch locally, or $8.00 to mail it (to Palm Springs for instance. You will receive an invoice to be paid online.  My teen driver loves a reason to drive around drop bags off on porches. I’m putting a delivery route together for tomorrow or Thursday, let me know if you would like to place an order (email me) winkhairsudio@gmail.com or whichever email you have, they all work. 

EDITED: The hair color kit is $45 including shipping 
Toners/glasses/extra color are $15 additional per 2 oz tube

I can’t wait to hear all the stories of your gracious solitude and Zoom happy hours when I get back to the salon! 

Love, Rebecca


As we begin week two of closure, here’s an update for Wink:


Sorry, no word about reopening sooner than April 1st. I will keep our website and facebook page updated with the most current information. Meanwhile for retail purchases:

Wink has an online store up and running. I’m going this route rather than try to fill retail orders myself.  It’s a great way to help support the salon and keep yourself stocked up on quality products. And, this online store gives you access to many more products and what we carry in the shop. Here’s a link, https://shop.saloninteractive.com/store/WinkHairStudioSeattle  You can find that link on our website and Facebook page too. 

As far as rebooking, I do not know what my work schedule will look like when I go back to work. With the possibility of continued social distancing, my coworkers and I  will have to split up days and shifts. I’m just going to leave you where you are and sort it out when I have facts.

Hair color kits are ready for delivery.  My daughter is anxious to have a reason to leave the house and will happily deliver them to your house locally. I’ll figure out a mailer ASAP, maybe a DIY box.  I ordered the wrong boxes, they are too small, sigh. 

To order color, please send me a new email rather than reply to this one. I’ll send you details. Color is $35 per kit, this is for 2 applications because that is how my color line packages their color. Free delivery as long as we are not in a “shelter in place” situation. 

I just want to say, if you can survive by using temporary root touch up (it shampoos out) along your part and temples I think that’s a great way to go. Then I’ll color it when we are back in action. There’s a great style product called Style Edit root touchup, on Wink‘s new online store here’s a link. 


My bathroom is demo-ed! See it on Instagram soon @Winkhairstudioseattle. 

See you all soon! 


 MARCH 20, 2020  (now known as WEEK 1)

Hello  friends, I hope everyone is well and staying healthy. 

I’ve thought maybe you needed, or would maybe  want to hear what's going on at Wink. Those of you who do not wish to receive email updates from me,just reply and let me know. Otherwise you’re on my list!  I probably missed someone, so pass this along to anyone you’d like. 

As you probably know, on Monday all salons and spas in Washington State  (among so many other businesses) were asked to close for two weeks, to start. A couple hours before this announcement, I had already decided to step away from the salon and had cancelled everyone booked this week and next.  I have decided not to rebook anybody until we are given a green light to serve clients again and then asses the situation for my and your wellbeing. 

However I realized that  I can help a bunch of you from home with your hair color!  Some of you are asking for advice, and I have a plan!

Plan A - let it grow, see how grey you really are.  

Plan B- Color it at home.

Are you interested in me putting together a personalized hair color kit for you, with your exact hair color?

I  can mail it, deliver (in town) or have it for “take out” at the salon. This won’t work for highlight clients, but everyone else should be able to be accommodated.  I am not responsible for damage to your bathroom. I’ll sort out all the details based on the level of interest I receive back, so reply and let me know if that’s something you are up for. 

ALSO- retail! Are you running low on shampoo, conditioner or hair styling products? I’m so happy to pull those from the shelves and mail them to you, deliver or have available for “take out”. This would be a great way to support the salon while we are not able to work. I am happy to take orders and mail then or deliver them to you between Queen Anne and Shoreline. OR be at the salon for “take-out”. 

Mostly I just wanted to say hi and hope you are OK.  At my house Lola is home for the rest of the school year - her classes are online next quarter, Racer is finishing up his quarter at SCC/running start online, and Gage is working from home. We’re pretty much homebodies these days like all of you, and can’t say I hate it yet. I’m getting started on that bathroom remodel that I wanted to do.  

I will keep you updated as the situation changes and I begin to rebook. If you’re into social media, you can follow me and the salon on 

On Instagram -  @winkhairstudioseattle
Facebook -  winkhairstudioseattle 

I’ll have reason to post on those accounts if I have followers! 

❤️ Rebecca