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Assemblage and Mixed Media Artist


Angela Wagner

As a child I always drew and made things out of other things. In college, I took some art classes, but ended up choosing a more practical major, and went on to a career in healthcare. I've now come back around to that artistic core of mine (again, making things out of other things) through shadow boxes, collage, and some furniture.

Though each piece is unique, in some cases I can recreate them (to a degree). So if you see a work you like, I may be able to create something close to it. I also do commissioned works to help folks capture special moments

I hope you enjoy my website. If you're interested in any of these pieces, want to see additional work, or want to talk about a commissioned piece, please let me know.


Now Showing!

We are always looking for local artists to adorn our walls with their craft for sale and show.
 If you are interested in showing your work at Wink please contact Rebecca at rebeccawagoner@comcast.net or 206-282-6010